We are pleased to announce the inaugural Faculty Award for the National Conference on the Beginning Design Student. Our esteemed jury included Christine Theodoropoulos (Dean, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), Catherine Wetzel (Associate Professor, IIT), and Gregory Marinic (Program Coordinator, Syracuse University). The jury was thoroughly impressed by the nominees. Their deliberations led them to select Dr. Patricia Morgado saying, "Her inspiring teaching of beginning design is built upon a culture of sketching that empowers students to see and think through drawing, while enhancing the balance between analog and computer-aided methods in design education. She instills early habits of visualization that have lasting impact as students advance through the architecture program and begin their careers." Dr. Morgado will be receiving this award at the closing dinner of the NCBDS conference on February 27, 2016.

Patricia Morgado received her bachelor and professional degrees from the Universidad Ricardo Palma (Peru), and her Ph.D. degree from the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). Patricia is a registered architect in Peru and Chile. Before moving to the United States in 2002, Patricia worked for several renowned Latin American firms (Juvenal Baracco [Peru], Emilio Soyer [Peru/Spain], and Murtinho y Asociados [Chile]), as well as for Spanish organizations (EXPO ‘92 [Universal Exposition Seville 1992], and COAM [Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid]). Additionally, she worked in her own practice (1998-2002). Beyond her professional interests, Patricia has studied sculpture and drawing in Peru, Chile and Spain, and has participated in several collaborative exhibitions since 1981 and in a one-person exhibition in 1983. 

Since the start of her academic career in 1999 at Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello (Santiago, Chile), Patricia has been involved in beginning design education and has also offered graduate seminars on Latin American architecture. In 2002, she joined the faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she led the College of Architecture Visual Literacy Program. Since 2008, she is an Associate Professor of Architecture and the coordinator of the sophomore year at North Carolina State University.