Join us in California to discuss 1:1 in beginning design pedagogy






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We’re looking forward to hosting NCBDS at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo from February 25-27, 2016. There will be two full days of paper presentations and local activities. For more information on the the history and mission of NCBDS, please visit The theme of this year's conference is 1:1.

Design schools all over the world are increasingly emphasizing 1:1 scale constructs. Physical material studies, installation work, prototyping, design-build and furniture design are all common components of design curricula. Much of this renewed sense of engagement has been driven by digital technologies that blur the line between representation and fabrication; the differences between a model, a prototype, and a product are increasingly difficult to discern. In this mode of working, perhaps construction does not follow conception, but rather merges with it.

This conference will explore the role and value of 1:1 in contemporary design pedagogy. As an expansive theme, 1:1 can be understood as a scale of work, a process of translation, or a working relationship. A 1:1 engagement with materials can also be a 1:1 engagement with the world outside of design studio—local and global communities, industry, and other disciplines.

1:1 practices vary in scale and aspiration, but always seek a direct engagement with the real. The real, however, also presents myriad challenges—it is expensive, resource intensive, time consuming, logistically driven, and fraught with liability. Given these challenges, how can design pedagogy impart a 1:1 intelligence that not only translates from the academy to practice, but also has the potential to transform practice in the future?